• The next culture Village

    is made by collaborating so that

    you win and the Village wins...

    ...in a mutually-empowering Torus that is centered around adult and archetypal initiatory processes.

    This is Winning Happening.

    A village coming together


    To a modern citizen, nothing could be more scary-sounding than trying to fit into a convention-bound, small-minded, forcibly-uniform 'traditional village'... in some ways already dead.


    Thinking about joining a village feels scary because you are trying to do a new thing (join a village, become a villager) using very old thoughtware (the teachings about reality as given to you by modern culture).


    Before even thinking about what it would be like for you to live in a village or intentional community it might be wise first to upgrade your thoughtware, that is, to update what you are using to think with. School taught you what to think about. That is curriculum content. Thoughtware is what you use to think with.


    Look at the history of human culture, the slow and sporadic evolution:

    • from the 'baby' cultures of matriarchy where Mother Earth provided everything for over 100,000 years,
    • to 6000 years ago when the 'adolescent' me-me-me cultures of capitalist patriarchal empire took over, 
    • to now, the emergence of 'adult' level responsibility cultures... next cultures... the cultures of archearchy...

    Indigenous village initiations submit you to the village traditions absolutely. The traditions tell you what to eat and when to eat it, what to wear, what every bit of your clothing means, how to have your hair, what kind of house to build, how to grow your food, what recipes to use, what rituals to do at which times of the year, how to live, and how to die. As you become abducted into being a 'proper adult' citizen in an indigenous village you lose the opportunity to explore and expand your individual potential. All choices have already been made by the village traditions and the elders, before you were even born. The village wins. You lose. This is not a next-culture village. This is an indigenous village. Indigenous village cultures work fine in stable environmental conditions, but they do not adapt well to changes, and they do not heal tribal wars caused by culture-to-culture ('Box-to-Box') belief system and worldview conflicts, raging on, possibly as a form of population control.


    Six thousand years ago, modern culture banished initiations. Indigenous traditions were laughed at as quaint artifacts, called foolish and meaningless. Through cynical, arrogant ridicule, modern culture has step-by-step eliminated the village, the traditions, the elders, the multi-generational family, even the nuclear family, replacing all that with isolated single consumers and 'patchwork sitcom families'. Yes, modern culture has successfully escaped submitting personal ego to the will of the village and the ancestors. The result is that in modern culture, the village loses and the individual psyche wins. Personality wins. Neurotic, rugged (paranoid) individualism, despair, and isolation wins. Psychopathy goes unchecked and comes out on top because psychopathy climbs the hierarchy best. This has not worked out well for the Earth, of which humanity is merely one novel species, potentially interesting, but losing favor fast.


    Next cultures, 'archearchy' cultures, are cultures where archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborate with archetypally initiated adult men. Archearchy reinstates the village circle, but in a different context, this time with nothing pre-existing in the center of the circle. There are no traditions passed down from generation-to-generation. There is no known 'right way'. The way must be ongoingly invented by the villagers. The creative force and intelligence of every individual delivering their Archetypal Lineage's services to the village is required. New kinds of next culture initiations activate unique inner and outer resources in each person so they can do what they came here to do. There are no more hierarchies. The structure of the archearchal village is the Torus, a circle of circulating circles. Using Torus Meeting Technologies, both the individual wins AND the village wins as the Torus breathes in and out. This is a breakthrough thoughtware upgrade.


    When a modern-culture educated person finds their way to the edges of modern culture ("It has edges?!?") and is viscerally confronted by the utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, wretched truth of climate change and the resultant imminent collapse of civilization BEFORE they discover the possibility of - and commit to - a path of authentic initiations into adulthood, they will themselves collapse and become some kind of 'doomer'. Their future has been stolen away and they have no resilience to face it. They have been betrayed by trusting society at large to take care of them, and as a result they may wish to take themselves out (suicide for being so stupid) or take society out (terrorist actions). At the least they face depression, disbelief, confusion, and despair.


    If a modern-culture person (or indigenous-culture person!) finds and actually begins - not just thinks about beginning but actually begins - on a path of authentic adulthood and archetypal initiations, then by the time you discover the devastating forces seriously decimating the future you thought you had, instead of feeling crushed, you feel the empowering freedom of radically-new play-space emerging. The event horizon suddenly vanishes into the far distance. You have room to move.


    The hardest thing to change or escape from is the status quo, either the status quo inside of yourself as habits of perception, interpretation, and knowledge - or the status quo outside of yourself as social pressures, Zombieism, and fanatical unconscious assumption patterns. Here is the surprise: climate change demolishes it all, both inside of you and outside of you. The whole shebang - all that has been til now invented - is no longer valid.


    The Rule of Law of Western Civilization is null and void because it is the fastest track to extinction of life on Earth. Anyone following the Rule of Law of Western Civilization is criminally insane. Anyone enforcing the Rule of Law of Western Civilization has already forfeited their life. Nothing heretofore contrived works anymore. Every single element of human life on planet Earth must be reinvented from scratch to fit the radically different conditions. Your inventiveness is required.


    The evolutionary path jacks you into immense resources of clarity, possibility, and energy that modern culture knows nothing about. As many people as you can personally help jack-in to these same resources will not diminish the potency of the resources, nor will you ever be able to unleash too many social alchemists. You will have job security because not so many people have the balls to let go of the known and invent bridges to the next thing, helping others over those bridges even while they build them together.


    Modern culture has been saturated in the Jungian Freudian psychoanalytical context of trying to figure things out. The assumption seems to be that if a person (or if 'we' as a culture... the mythical 'we') can finally understand how something has come to pass, then that person (or culture) can regain their power and be okay with it. After fifteen years of therapy, trying to understand and piece it all together, how it is working out for you? After ten Presidencies... how is it working out?


    Next culture tends to apply a different approach based on reclaiming authority within a context of radical responsibility for Possibility. This is NOT about 'magically thinking', "What I believe is possible is possible." This is NOT the philosophy of The Secret.


    In archearchy, Possibility is interacted with as a force of nature, what George Bernhard Shaw wrote about in his words, "This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose [which is] recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy."


    Archearchy sees Possibility as a 'Bright Principle', a facet of the raw stuff the universe is made. Human Beings are designed to interact directly with archetypal domains. This is why we can relate to 'super hero' stories and legends. Yet the context of Possibility is so different from the context of analysis and understanding that a comparison may seem incomprehensible at first. Adulthood initiation into the context of Possibility involves an actual relocation of your 'Point of Origin'.


    Your 'Point of Origin' is the place where you have anchored your self-image and the validity of your worldview - presumably a solid and real place, but in actuality, quite flimsy and arbitrary. Recoloating your Point of Origin in the shift to archearchy is not theoretical. Your coveted secret formula for 'how to live life' Phoenixes into something entirely new. If you have ever moved from one city to the next you might remember the transition time as an exhilarating freedom from the material confines of a single place (being 'on the road'), combined with the exhilarating terror of not truly having control over how you are going to fit in to a new Point of Origin at your new place.


    Maintaining a cheerful respect for the natural discomforts of your so called Liquid State between one solid Point of Origin and another solid Point of Origin, helps you build the matrix for becoming a next culture Being in a village cooperating with others who are also culture-shift forerunners.


    Then the village makes so much sense. Your team of villagers is there to support you unfolding your personal talents and potentials because, as weird as they might seem in modern culture, your personal talents and potentials are needed by everyone in the village, turned on and flying. Welcome to your village in archearchy.



    You are a beautiful Being. How can we help you?

    We're a bunch of edgeworkers just like you.


    We've been secretly working for decades developing authentic adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes that turn on your inner resources and connect you to incredible outer resources.


    The thing is that these initiations actually work.


    We support you unfolding your potentials and bringing your visions to life.


    We think that the new gameworlds we help each other build will give humanity a brighter future than it now has.


    A menu of our free-to-use online-and-offline personal-transformation resources is available at spaceport.mystrikingly.com.

  • A Village Is A Tribe


    How do you manufacture a resilient community that protects, defends and advances the interests of its members?


    The answer is one word: Tribe.


    I spell the word 'tribe' with a capital 'T' to mean 'a tribe that has consciously built itself', 'a Tribe that knows it is one of the many possible Tribes that any human being can create and be a part of'.


    Most indigenous tribes do not teach 'cultural relativity' so the word for 'person' in most indigenous languages means 'the real people' or 'the human beings', and the word for 'foreigner' means 'the edible ones'.


    A Tribe (with a capital 'T') lives in the understanding that the construct the Tribe lives in together is 'bullshit'.


    'Bullshit' is a technical term that means 'arbitrary', or 'fabricated out of thin air', or 'very relevant but not true'.


    When you have experiential certainty that your own Tribe is a gameworld which you intentionally constructed out of a context, distinctions, thoughtware, Codex, Bill of Wrongs, and Rules of Engagement, then you do not have to go around inflexibly defending your Tribe to the death because you believe that IT IS THE ONE TRUE TRIBE that lives in the ONE RIGHT WAY, like happens in child-level religions.


    You just made your gameworld up out of nothing! You are proud to say that it IS bullshit!


    Taking ownership of your power to build a Tribe out of nothing, anytime, anywhere, with anyone, gives you the possibility to disidentify with, and reinvent, your gameworld whenever that would become necessary or desired.


    Your Tribe lives in the experience of the 'death and resurrection show'. You know the Phoenix Process from the inside. Your Tribe has Evolution at its center.


    This is what makes your Tribe bulletproof.


    Human beings have already known this for a long time, unconsciously, in our memetic structure. Tribal organization is the most survivable of all organizational types, being the dominant human cultural form for 99.99% of human history. Like a cockroach, it has proved it can withstand the onslaught of the harshest of environments.


    Global depression? Economic collapse? No problem.


    Coup? Regime change? No problem.


    Inquisition? Cultural cleansing? Democide? No problem.


    Climate change and collapse of global ecosystems? Well, don't kid yourself about this. You are one of millions of species of life on Earth, species which are going extinct - which means: killed off forever, never to live again on any planet - at the rate of 200 precious irreplaceable species per day. How long do you think before humans become the next species to go extinct if the fragile ecosystems that created and continue to support us are weakened or gone? Not as long as you might hope...


    In the meantime you might want to think about moving out of the city and building a Tribe. I make this invitation in that particular order very much on purpose.


    I have tried to 'build a Tribe and then move out of the city' a number of times. Each time we failed. Finally we figured out why. A Tribe that comes together in the city to talk about moving out of the city has already fulfilled its purpose: to be a group that comes together in the city each week to talk about moving out of the city.


    That is the purpose of the citydwellers. They were completely satisfied with the weekly-meeting Tribe. None of them actually wanted to move out of the city. They just wanted to talk about it.


    If you are like most people in the 'developed world,' you don't have any experience in a true Tribal organization. Indigenous tribes were crushed in the last couple of Centuries due to pressures from the nation-state that saw them as competitors, and by the marketplace that saw them as impediments.


    All you have now it is a moderately strong nuclear family (weakened via modern economics that forces families to split apart to 'earn enough money to survive'), a weak extended family, a loose collection of friends (a social circle of 'Facebook friends'), a tenuous corporate affiliation (as a slave, even if you are a manager or in the board of directors), and a tangential relationship with a remote nation-state (they will chase after you if they detect that you are not paying your taxes). This degree of connection, for many of us, is proving to be insufficient as a means of withstanding the pressures of the chaotic and harsh modern environment.

    The solution to this problem is to build a Tribe... a group of people you are loyal to, and who are loyal to you in return. In short, the need for a primary loyalty to a group that really cares about your survival and future success.


    To build a regenerative-culture Tribal, you need to manufacture 'fictive kinship', that is, you need to agree on 'the story of who we are together' as a Tribe... a Tribal identity. This is more than a brand. It
    is more than a 'mission' and 'vision'. Your Tribal identity emerges from the resonance that people feel towards the Bright Principles of your Tribe which provides energetic food that feeds their Being and gives them a real place to deliver the services of their Archetypal Lineage.


    Here are some possible new identities to shift into as a story about who you are and what you are doing together to establish a basis for the existence of your next-culture (archearchal) Tribal gameworld:

    Fictive kinship is built through the following (see David Ronfeldt's paper for some background on this):

    • Story telling. Shared histories and historical narratives.
    • Initiations into authentic adulthood (not just a driver’s license and the right to drink and vote) (for more on this see Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Somé, Secrets of the Talking Jaguar by Martin Prechtel, and Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings by Clinton Callahan). There are rituals of membership and life transitions. Membership is earned, not given due to the geographic location of your birth, or who your parents happen to be.
    • Obligations. Rules of conduct and honor in the Gameworld Codex. The ultimate penalty being expulsion.
    • Egalitarian and often leaderless (circular) organization. Sharing is prized.
    • Circular (Toroidal) organizational structures, not hierarchical.
    • Multi-skilled talents. Segmental organization (lots of redundancy among parts).
    • Two-way loyalty. The tribe protects the members and the members protect the tribe. If this isn't implemented, you don't have a tribe, you have a Kiwanis club.

    The 300 million strong (R)evolution Tribes of Cultural Creatives seems to be building a stable and recognizable identity. You already experience in certain moments the bondedness of fictive kinship.


    Your relationships and commitments with others, and to your future together, are deepening.



    As part of the 99% we are regaining our individual and tribal voices. We are taking back our authority after 6,000 years of patriarchal servitude.


    Participating in (r)evolutionary gatherings, events, and initiations as your Tribe is a true rite of passage. (R)evolutionary spaces have protocols, customs, and rules of conduct which become apparent as you shift out of a shame-culture into an appreciation-and-personal-development-culture.


    (R)evolution is egalitarian and leaderless. It is spread out over different geographies. Given the efforts that have been put in to keep (r)evolution growing, it appears that people have become loyal to the (R)evolution Tribe.


    How to slay the Jabberwock? Here is how. If you use your inner Sword of Clarity (and the other 13 Tools on your Toolbelt) to Hold and Navigate Spaces so you live within a set of distinctions that are beyond the comprehension of the Jabberwock, then you leave the Jabberwock behind and it quickly dies of attrition.


    Keep sharing your new distinctions and the ways you got them. Soon you become a bridge to sustainable culture that other people can also cross.


    We can only come here together.

  • A Village Is A Gameworld

    WHAT IS A GAMEWORLD? PLEASE JUMP TO: gameworldbuilder.mystrikingly.com

  • Resources

    Your mind is yours to play with and make into whatever you want.




    Or whose mind is it?


    What we've learned the hard way is that your mind needs to understand the necessity of initiation or it won't cooperate, it won't decide to dedicate the time, energy, and money resources required to engage authentic initiatory processes.


    Once you understand what is going on... nothing can stop you.


    Understanding grows through study and introspection.


    Below are powerful resources to prepare you for your next step...


    Men in the process of becoming adult by going through initiations


    Adulthood is not a given... it is an option.

    adulthood initiations on startover.xyz


    From Stephen Jenkinson's new book, Die Wise:

    "Being born, or surviving school, or becoming a senior does not make you a human being. If it is true that humanity is a skill and not a right, then there are very few people among us who are mentors and teachers of the epic skill of being human. This means that modern culture is inundated with fifty-year-old adolescents who in their peak earning years are taking as much as they can for themselves and their loved ones... This does not have the makings of an inevitably good outcome for anyone."

    This website provides clear distinctions about what initiation is and is not, plus offers links to some initiators who we can stand behind.

    StartOver.xyz logo, free-to-play, massively-multiplayer, online-and-offline, personal-transformation, matrix-building, advengture-game

    Start Over Game

    A free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal-transformation thoughtware-upgrade game.


    This game is brand new and still in its starting phase, but stay tuned for a rapidly expanding bubble net! Meanwhile, start with re-learning How To Play.


    torus technology, Possibility Management

    Torus Meeting Technology

    A way for many to also be one.

    distinctionary, possibility management


    A dictionary of distinctions from Possibility Management for upgrading your thoughtware.


    Gameworld Builder logo, building next culture

    Be A Gameworld Builder

    To update the insight from R. Buckminster Fuller:


    "You do not change things by fighting existing gameworlds. You change things by creating a new gameworld that makes existing gameworlds irrelevant."


    You've probably heard: "Build it and they will come."

    What you might not have heard is: "If you don't build it, nobody even has a chance to come!"

    You can learn gameworld building skills!


    Do not be left behind playing in a stupid gameworld. Build your own.

    4 Archetypal Lineages logo

    4 Archetypal Lineages

    You do not automatic serve your Archetypal Lineage. It takes preparation and initiation. Your destiny is optional.

    How can you prepare yourself?

    How do you choose it?

    END:CIV - A Franklin Lopez Film

    Films to Watch:

    Princess Bride

    Accepted (deutsch S.H.I.T.)

    My Dinner With Andre

    Don Juan DiMarco

    Meetings With Remarkable Men


    As It Is In Heaven

    Finding Neverland

    V for Vendetta



    Trashed with Jeremy Irons

    The Corporation

    END:CIV - Resist or Die with Derrick Jensen


    Cover of Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age

    Books to Read:

    Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson
    Daemon / Freedom by Daniel Juarez
    Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
    Dune by Frank Herbert
    Mount Analog by René Daumal
    Creating by Robert Fritz
    Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson
    Original Wisdom by Robert Wolff

    Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Patrice Somé

    Conscious Feelings by Clinton Callahan




    "Evil is the attempt to collapse all games, both infinite and finite, into ONE finite game.

    If there is one ultimate winner, the rest of life loses."

    - Ian Mackenzie



  • It is time to find out who you are...

    You can learn to profoundly listen to another person.

  • startover.xyz is powered by Possibility Management

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